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The truth can either set you free or imprison you. It’s all in the way you use it. 


My life hasn’t been one full of champagne and roses. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s been full of chaos, torment and heartache. Finally, though, I’ve made the choice to leave this life and start over somewhere new. 


There’s just one problem. The truth I’m running from, it follows me. 


On my journey, I learn that my family isn’t as I’d always been told. They’re open, inviting and loving. Protective, even! With each day that passes, I learn a new truth about myself, even as the old truths become things of my nightmares, an endless ache inside of me.


The one bright spot in my new life, Corey. He makes me feel loved, even if I’m not sure I deserve it. His love and support is what will allow me to take the next step into the life I should have always had. But when my past catches up to me once again, trying to make me pay for something I had no control over, he’s there, ready to jump into the fire to save me. 


Hopefully, I will finally be free of it all? 


Because the truth is, I’m ready to be me again. The real me. 

Preorder Coming 2023