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In a perfect world, no one would notice me. I wouldn’t feel eyes on me as I walk down the street. Except, when he looks at me, my insides tighten. 


What is it about those eyes? It always feels like he’s speaking directly to my soul without ever saying a word. 


Dorian MacIntyre hired me to do a job. I keep him organized, on task, and occasionally, I bring him coffee. In return, he treats me like a real person and actually listens when I talk to him. I’m a normal, imperfect woman, not a supermodel, but sometimes he still looks at me that way, the way that makes my insides melt. He only does it because I’m there to help him. Right?


But I know I can’t let this happen. 

He’s my boss and I know he’s off limits.


Dorian, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to share my reluctance about us. He wants me. The imperfect girl. 


My heart is saying yes. 

My mind, however...