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Secrets aren’t meant to be shared. In this day and time, though, it’s hard to hide the truth from the ones that know you best. Your family. 


First, it was just one secret. Then, one became two, two became three. Eventually, not even I could tell the difference between what’s real and what’s a lie.  Day by day, piece by piece, the secret has eaten away at me. I don’t think I can hide it for much longer. 


Even I didn’t know this secret, not until two years ago when a chance meeting brought him back to me. I want to tell them, they deserve to know that he’s still alive. They should be able to celebrate his life just as they did his death, but I can’t tell them. The truth could put his life in danger. 


However, when my own choices land me in the middle of something I should never have been a part of, it's my life on the line. With no other choice left, the secret must come out in order for him to save me, and our unborn child. 


I just hope the truth doesn’t damn us all.

**This series should be read in order for continuity (though each book is a standalone).  

This book has dark themes that include mental/physical assault, and general violence.

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