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Reclaiming Her Heart Barb Shuler E-Cover.jpg



When Phillip Thomas left Widow’s Bridge, North Carolina and the strained relationships there, it was for good. 


His heart was left in the hands of the girl who stole it years earlier but yet, there was no going back. He’d never see again and he had to be okay with that. Becoming a part of the Delta Force team helped him move on with his life. Spending time in the darkness of his job finally got the best of him. 


Then, the call he thought he’d never get had him crashing to his knees. His beloved Gran was gone.


Keisha Moore had her heart stolen and crushed by the boy she’d loved for years. 


She had to move forward. She too left her hometown to find bigger and better things. Working at the top Ad Company in Charlotte was all she wanted…until, it wasn’t. Making a choice she never thought she’d make, she packed up her life and moved back home. 


Then…she saw him. The man that had stolen her heart…and still held it. It was time to get it back. 


Together they have to start to move forward…whether they like it or not.

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