V2 - Treachery - Barb Shuler - E-Cover.j



Graham Connor has everything he needs to survive the wilds of Colorado. He can guide anyone through the wilderness but the one thing he can’t guide—his heart. He’s unable to control the growing feelings for his best friend, Weston.

Weston Hughes came back to Colorado with one purpose; to take over the mantle of Sheriff in Anderson Pass. The small, forgotten, sleepy town nestled in the wilderness. Sleepy little towns don’t have to worry about the dangers of the outside world, right? It would be an easy job. Wrong! 


Sparks between Graham and Weston fly when the tensions between them grow. 


When danger strikes and Graham is taken by gunpoint from his store, Weston and his team are his only hope of staying alive. The race is on to not only save his best friend, but to the man he loves.

This is a M/M Romantic Suspense story.