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V3 - Rescuing Innocence Barb Shuler - E-



Every person has a choice. My choice was the only one that would keep me alive.


I fled my home with the only person that has ever mattered to me: my baby sister. It’s my job now to keep us away from danger - to give her a life she deserves. The life that was taken from me when I was only a child myself.


Danger lurks just around the corner. The evil that has been trailing is will not give up. I’m fighting to keep the man who hurt me from doing it again. But I can’t do it alone.


Lost, confused, and determined to stay one step ahead, I seek refuge. I’ve found myself a paradise, surrounded by people who want to help me. One especially.


The one willing to put himself in the line of danger to keep me safe… a man I barely know.

**This is a standalone read in the Rescue Series, can be read in any order.  

This book has dark themes that include mental/physical assault, SA and general violence.

A Marshal’s Courage - E-Cover.jpg
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tangled obsession - barb shuler - e-cover.jpg
Crossroads  - Barb Shuler - E-Cover.jpg
Salvation - Barb Shuler - E-Cover.jpg
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