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My Oath never dies. I gave it willingly in order to serve my country with love and honor. When my years in the Navy were over, I came home and started a new journey. 


I needed the comradery, the brotherhood that being in the SWAT team gave me. My brothers and I are the men in blue who, without worry of the hazards around us, jump in to protect the ones who cannot protect themselves.


When Kennedy needs me to be that man for her; I meet that battle head on, ready to save my girl. 




I never thought I would be that girl—the one who has lost her way in the world I thought I knew so well. He did that to me—took it all away, and now I’m fighting to stay in control of my life.


My will to be me—the strong willed, independent woman my parents raised me to be—was taken away. 


That changed when Max, my best friend's brother, came back into my life. When the dangers of my past came back to shake up my world, it was he who came to the rescue. He took the  broken shell of a woman I’d become and made me whole again.

**This is a standalone read in the Rescue Series, can be read in any order.  

This book has dark themes that include mental/physical assault, and general violence.

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