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The Oblivion Series Collection - 3D Boxs


We’re part of something that was prophesied many moons ago. Three equal parts of the Triune—the Trinity of Three. 


Three pieces of a puzzle that will be brought together to save the way of life for the vampires and shifters and the entirety of the supernatural world. 


The scale between good and evil must always stay balanced. If the scale tips too far to one side, the world will descend into chaos, then crumble and die. 


The Fates couldn’t let that happen, so they stepped in to restore the balance, which could only happen by uniting the three corners of the Triune before the darkness could sweep over the land and wipe us out. 


As time ticks by and our powers strengthen, the darkness grows, spreading through the supernatural community, putting everyone’s lives in even greater danger. The time of the ultimate battle between good and evil is drawing closer, and choices will have to be made. Choices that will forever change the world as we know it.

**These books are still available as single novellas.

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