Edge of Danger eBook.jpg



Enemies. Battle. Death. 


For the last seven years, Burke, Texas has fought a war against heartless killers and maniacal psychopaths. Since it seems like life is finally returning to normal, Gabe Cartwright, Robert McKenna and Wayne Malone take a trip to clear their heads, soak in the wilderness and rejuvenate.


What they don’t realize is, the Evil is back. A hunter lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce and only one thing will satisfy its hunger... vengeance. 


Just when it seems everyone can relax, tragedy strikes, once again pulling the families of Burke into a bloody game of cat-n-mouse and, this time, everyone is playing for keeps. 


Some men would cower when faced with death, but not these men. They live by certain rules - know your surroundings, know your enemy, know yourself. They know they should run, but no one will be safe until the Evil is stopped - Once and for all.


One thing they’re sure about, if they don’t walk away from this fight, they’ll make sure to take their enemies to hell with them. 


This is their final stand!