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Is everything really bigger in Texas?


His giant ego, insufferable need to be right, and those grass green eyes say yes!


Amanda Green came to Bridgeport, Texas to do a job only to find out that the job was the least of her worries. Among those worries was Mason Aldridge. There’s just something about a man with a beard and covered in tats. However, who cares if he’s sexy enough to melt her draws? The big, bearded barbarian was beyond infuriating and he was at the top of her rapidly growing hit list. He was proving to be the best and worst thing to happen to her in years. 


Mason thought that claiming Amanda would help stave off the trouble coming her way. In fact, it did the exact opposite. Now, she’s lost in the woods on a mountainside alone. With time running out, she’s hoping and praying she can make it out alive. 

**This is a standalone novella in the multi-author Sandwich Shop Series. 

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