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Heartbroken. Lost. Alone.


I thought I had it all, turns out I was wrong.


I had ambitions of being a successful, self sufficient woman. I had a plan, I had the drive. With each step I took forward, I was pulled back three. Trying to work in a male dominated world isn’t as easy as I had hoped.

I was deflated, my spirit broken. That was me until a night full of mystery in The Crescent Room.


I’d been hiding behind masks, trying to be something, someone that I didn’t believe I could be. I opened like a well read book to expose my inner pages. My fears of being alone again became a reality - then faded into the night like a gentle caress from a lover.


The desires of my heart grew to a need that was felt in my bones. I would fight to be this woman, to be on top of the world I would create for myself.


I would be free to be me and love again.