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Tempting the Beast will have 9 sizzling stories that will knock your socks off. It’s packed with drool-worthy shifters, kickass heroines, and will deliver hours of enticing stories to keep you going. Follow us into the crazy worlds explored within Tempting the Beast and who knows maybe you will find your next book boyfriend or two.


Come delve into this decadent, pleasure-filled anthology and let them steal your heart. If you love sultry plots, then one-click today. Bet you can’t read just one…

Contributing Authors: 

Barb Shuler, Melinoe Black, R Sullins, Andrea Marie, Jordan Elizabeth, Kacee Lilly, Michelle Areaux, Lore Nicole, Demelza Carlton

Preorder -Releases February 21, 2023


More About Tempting The Beast & its Authors

Barb Shuler
Melinoe Black
R Sullins
Andrea Marie
Jordan Elizabeth
Kacee Lilly
Michelle Areaux
Lore Nicole
Demelza Carlton

About MY Story



From the moment we met, we’ve been inseparable. The three misfits of the Draykons, united by friendship, love and the necessity of staying alive. Courage, Strength and a will to survive keep us moving forward even when others do everything they can to pull us back.

Being different sets us apart from the others, but what they don’t know is how different we truly are. The horrors of the past, and the secrets of today, will collide in a tangle of wings and claws when the truth is revealed.

Only problem is, we have to stay alive long enough to see it happen.