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tangled obsession - barb shuler - e-cover.jpg



Injured and stranded on a mountain with the sun setting and no help in sight, Elsa Malloy has only two options; fight or die. 


Believing her loved ones are dead, and fighting against the elements of the mountain, Elsa is left to fend off a sadistic killer alone. Pushed beyond her breaking point, she thinks she’s reached her end, until those she thought were gone forever save her from her own painful death. 


Now, with her boyfriend and best friend once again at her side, she faces a fight that could kill them all, one that will certainly change their lives… Forever!

**This is a standalone read in the Rescue Series, can be read in any order.  

This book has dark themes that include mental/physical assault, and general violence.

Available for Free only on Bookfunnel
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