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With the holidays rolling in, what sort of trouble can we get into? 


Holidays are all about togetherness. There will be family get-togethers. Decorating the tree and singing along with every Christmas carol known to man. Remembering yesteryear. And don’t forget the family arguments over who gets the last piece of pie. 


Come see what shenanigans the authors included in this collection bring to the table. Nothing is off limits in the name of Holiday cheer and shenanigans.


Holiday Shenanigans is a compilation of short stories guaranteed to make you laugh out loud—and possibly make your holiday season a little brighter. 


The publisher’s proceeds from Holiday Shenanigans will be donated in their entirety to The Salvation Army. Please note that Holiday Shenanigans and its authors are not affiliated with or endorsed by The Salvation Army.

Contributing Authors:

Barb Shuler & KA Graham, Maggie C. Rose, Kinsey Booth, Cata Ree


More About Holiday Shenanigans Anthology & its Authors

Maggie C. Rose
Kinsey Booth
Cata Ree

About OUR Story


Co-Written with KA GRAHAM

The Christmas season is underway in Seaside, Oregon.

Best friends Mara Applegate and Brenna Carter are spending their first together since they were kids. To make it better their fiancés are there with then.

A new adventure starts for them all. Will they survive Mara's love of the season or will they all be lost in mountains of garland and lights?