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About MY Stories



Delaney Manchester is living the dream… or so she thought.


When she left the family farm in Idaho for the big city, she had a plan. She'd be the designer to the stars. She made that dream a reality with all the prestige and money that went with it. 

Too bad it wasn't what she really needed. 

On a whirlwind trip home for the holidays, she finds the man she'd left behind all those years ago.


And that spark she’d thought she’d lost? It’s alive and well in Valley Creek.



There’s something poetic about karma. For Aubrey Caldwell, it’s opened doors that may otherwise have stayed shut. It’s helped her to escape a life she hated.


With a new purpose, she sets off on an adventure. Determined to be somebody she can be proud of. Someone who isn't scared. She finds her salvation in a small Wyoming town. It’s the perfect, out of the way place to put down roots. 


She didn’t expect to find more than a home here. But love has a funny way of just showing up when you least expect it. 


It was perfect—until her past catches up with her. 


Can she escape it one last time—or is it a losing battle?



Ever had a vacation turn upside down, inside out and leave you wishing you'd have just stayed home?

Well Alabama Early sure did. 

Leaving college behind she sets off for a much needed vacation with her boyfriend, Colby. Her warning that her family is a bit 'crazy' only makes him more eager to met them.

With the anticipation being so great Alabama brings Colby into her family home. 

Fighting siblings, sassy grandparents and the normal anxiety of the holidays begin to take a toll. Leaving is going to be her life saver. 


Colby Jeffries was prepared for a long, emotionally taxing holiday break. What he got... was so much more.

After Christmas with his girlfriend's family he sets off toward Texas. His family, well, he hoped this part of the vacation goes smoother than the way it started. 

Family is the greatest part of anyone's life. His though...if it's not his little sister acting crazy its his brother being a royal pain. Animals running a muck, embarrassing stories and the ever growing sparks between him and Alabama have Colby ready to head back to school and pretend none of it ever happened.