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CMBS Charitable Collaborations Presents...


The Dating Chronicles; a collection of short stories from authors who, like you, love a good, fun read. 


We’ve all had a bad date or three. The awkward first meeting followed by an awkward dinner and kiss. Then there are the dates that creep you out. It’s a limitless chronicle and we have brought it to your doorstep. 


Grab a blanket, snuggle down in your favorite spot with a glass of wine, or hot tea, and get ready to laugh, cry and possibly cringe. No bad dates were harmed in the making of this collection. 


The publisher’s proceeds from The Dating Chronicles will be donated in their entirety to Keep Them Safe (KTS) Predator Hunters. Please note that The Dating Chronicles and it’s authors are not affiliated with or endorsed by Keep Them Safe (KTS) Predator Hunters.


Authors included: Lauren Firminger - K.A. Graham - Ever Jensen - Sarah L Roth - Amelia Sue - Barb Shuler 

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Available for preorder - Releases 9/24/21


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