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Salvation - Barb Shuler - E-Cover.jpg
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Fire fighter. Fiancé. Cancer patient. 


I never thought I’d be in a position where I needed machines to pour poison into me to fight a disease determined to take everything from me. 


I wanted to give in; let the pain win. I felt like less of a man due to this weakness.


That was the old me, though. The new me is more than ready, and willing, to pull myself up by the bootstraps. I will be the man my fiancée sees when she looks at me. We will  put our gloves on and battle this cancer like we did fires. Hard and fast, pushing it back until it is nothing but ashes. 


She needs me to be the warrior she fell in love with. For her, I’ll take on the world. For her—for me—I will win this battle. There is no other option. 

**This is a standalone read in the Rescue Series, can be read in any order.  

This book has sensitive themes and some violence.

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