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About MY Stories


Brent Mosley has envisioned himself running the family farm beside his siblings and a wife. Someone to love and to be there on those hard, back-breaking days. His other half. What he didn’t envision was the struggle he’d have to endure just to find that perfect person. One bad date after the next pushes him close to his breaking point. He was ready to give up… then she needed him.


Kelsey Gentry is a hard working farm girl. She doesn't need a man to validate her. To flower her with sweet words that lead to nothing but heartache. She’s been there, done that and got the scars to prove it. With a broken spirit, she swore off men until the past came rushing back into her reality. Only then could she let someone else in.


Can Brent and Kelsey overcome their own heartaches but mend the bridge they need to cross in order to be more? Can they show each other just what it means to find that special someone that shows you just how strong you are?